Health Update

Health Update (12)

Actress and writer Amy Huberman was on hand  to launch this year’s Great Irish Bake for Temple Street

It's available to everyone. It's free. It doesn't require any props, or membership. Just open your door and off you go! Here's all you need to know if you are thinking of running...

This year is particularly bad. Everybody seems to be suffering with a flu, or battling some sort of cold symptom.

Clear About Psoriasis Survey Reveals Irish Patients 'Settle' When They Should Ask For More

For 11 years, amazing babies around the world have helped the Pampers- UNICEF partnership to eliminate Maternal and Newborn Tetanus 

Are you fond of the sofa? Would you consider yourself lazy? Well you might be lazy, but that apparently means you are brainier than your more active counterparts, according to a new study.

'You are what you eat' is an all too familiar saying, but with the masses looking to slim down and opt for 'fat free', 'Low fat', and 'sugar free' the risk of consuming one of these top five cancer causing foods in your diet is increased. 

Summer is in full swing, but for the one in five people who suffer from hayfever in Ireland1 it’s a time of puffy, red eyes, non-stop sneezing and plenty of tissues. Almost 90% of hayfever sufferers in Ireland are allergic to  grass pollen2, which can make it difficult to enjoy all that summer has to offer, especially now that the pollen count is high. But Boots Ireland is on hand to help  keep symptoms under control and ensure the next couple of months are nothing but a walk in the park!

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