You Can Catch What From Using Public Toilets?

We are all faced with this dilemma at times. Out for a few scoops with the lads, or coffee with the girls. If it goes in, it's got to come out. We all know that the bathroom is not the most hygienic room in the house.


Therefore, a public bathroom that has seen the backside of countless randoms must be a whole lot worse, right? Oh yes, but how bad is it if you sit on a strangers pee? Apart from the obvious gross, disgust at the very idea. Can urine carry disease, that can be spread by sitting on it?


Even more disgusting is that unfortunate occurrence when it's number-two-time and there is only a public toilet. Made all the worse, if you are a man, as you have to wipe the seat. The problem is back-splash. It can't be too good for you when public toilet water splashes up and hits your behind, can it? And, it's not just the actual toilet seat, it's the door handles and public bathrooms in general. You can't rely on the hygiene standards of strangers. You can never be too sure what you are touching after washing your hands, then opening the door to leave the toilet. Then you are eating your sandwich at lunch with the possibility of eating a strangers feces. Just because you can't see it smeared on the door handle that everybody uses to leave the toilet, does not mean that it is not there.


Public toilet anxiety

Before your mind goes into overdrive and this article turns everyone reading it into a complete germophobe, keep reading. Yes the above can and does happen, but guess what? For the majority of us, we enter and exit public bathrooms daily without any negitive effects. The truth is, public bathrooms are a place of germs, and viruses but he likelihood of catching any of them is slim. Here is why: a lot of disease organisms can only live on the toilet seat for a very short time and for anybody to get infected the disease would have to enter through their urethral or genital track, or through a cut, even tiny on the buttocks, or thighs. Yes, it is possible, but it is unlikely.


What can you catch, exactly?

Unfortunately you can catch quite a few nasty germs from the toilet seat. These include, but are not limited to, E.coli, Hepatitis A,  a string of sexually transmitted diseases and other more common viruses, such as influenza and the cold. However, through our research, it appears that the risk of catching anything is almost nonexistent. That doesn't mean impossible though. You are right to be cautious

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