Top Five Things To Do And See in Clontarf, Dublin #Suburbia

Clontarf Promenade Clontarf Promenade

It might come as a surprise to some, but the north side of Dublin is home to some of the leafiest suburbs in our fair city. One such haven in Suburbia is Clontarf. 

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Location and Transport

Clontarf has a great reputation as an affluent area with an abundance of top attractions, amenities, bars , restaurants and countless other things to do and see which draws tourists and home-birds from far and wide throughout the year. Clontarf is one of the most desired places to live in Dublin. With its proximity to town, It's only a 10 minutes Dart journey to the city Centre. Your best bet though, is to take the 130 bus as this serves the entire extended area of Clontarf.

Attractions and Amenities

One of the top attractions is the Clontarf Promenade. The Promenade stretches from the  Alfie Byrne road to the Wooden Bridge. A regular spot to take a stroll. You can see Dublin Bay, the iconic Poolbeg Towers and Howth hill from the Promenade. There is also a cycling track and public exercise machines all along the pathway. On any given day you can find locals and people from neighbouring areas enjoying the Promenade, walking their dogs, jogging, or simply soaking up the atmosphere. Take a trip over the Wooden Bridge and enjoy Dollymount beach- a hit spot for kite surfers and sun bathing, when the weather permits. Take a walk a little further and you will discover St Anne's park. The Park is home to the rose gardens, a large children's playground, a pond and woodlands. St Anne's also houses a Weekend Market at the Red Stables, a great addition to the area. Another great addition to the Clontarf area is the Viking Theatre, situated just above a local bar called The Sheds at the bottom of Vernon Avenue.

Places to Eat, Drink and Stay

There are lots of cute B&B's dotted along the promenade and throughout Clontarf, but one of the main places to stay in the area would be Clontarf Castle. It can be useful to check their website from time-to-time too, as the hotel hosts different events and shows including an antiques market. The variety of restaurants, bars and cafes is immense, it's a wonder why Clontarf residents ever venture to town. You can find some of the best restaurants about Dublin in Clontarf.  



Clontarf boasts some of the finest boutiques Dublin has to offer mainly specializing in ladies fashion, however, you can find something for everyone here. From ladies footwear to debs dresses, Clontarf caters for it all. The best way to make a day of it is to either drive, or get the dart. From the dart station stroll down Clontarf road until you find the first boutique, Lotus. There are a few along that road and some lovely spots to eat, drink and stay too. Another area not to be missed for shopping is Vernon avenue situated a little further down the Clontarf road. Finally, if you are not driving, you will need to jump on the 130 to find your way to the edge of Clontarf, just before St Anne's park where you will find a couple of lovely fashion boutiques. Clontarf is a great destination for shopping. 


Top 5 Things to Do and See in Clontarf

  1. Promenade
  2. Viking Theatre
  3. Shopping
  4. Dollymount Beach/Wooden Bridge
  5. St Anne's Park/ Red Stables


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