12 Things Women say that Men don't Understand #Suburbia

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It's no secret that men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and this must be why men find it so hard to understand the opposite sex.

 To save you from each other, we put together this list in the hope that it would shine a little light on the goings on inside a woman's mind in comparison to a man's...Really we just like making lists and thought this one was funny- enjoy! 



12.  Does this make me look fat? 

What she is actually saying is do yo think i am Ugly? The answer is always NO! NO! NO!


11. No

This means no thank you very much. No means no.


10. Yes

Don't be fooled, this usually means no too, but sometimes it can actually mean yes. it depends on the tone and situation. No science can categorically distinguish. If she says yes by text, take it as a no, don't take the risk.



Still No! Sorry lads, she's probably just in good form meaning she is more tolerable and maybe is simply a softer No!



8. It's Fine

It isn't f**kin fine. Run for cover lads as she's just mulling over what you have done and hasn't quite decided on suitable punishment yet. 



7. She has a lovely figure doesn't she?

Alarm bells better start ringing. What she is actually asking is, do you prefer her over me? Your answer is also categorically NO! NO! NO! Then throw in, 'I much prefer your body type; that does it for me. You have a lovely figure'


6. I'm feeling tired today

What she is asking is does she look tired? Ergo, is she looking bad today? Your answer is also, 'You would never know; I was just thinking you look great today- very fresh'



5. I don't want anything, just something small

If it's her birthday, or an occasion and you inquire as to what she might like, be damn sure when she says nothing , or something small, or don't waste your money on me, she means she wants a thoughtful, big present and you will know all about it if you do otherwise. 



4. Are you even listening to me?

Eh, no you weren't listening and now you are screwed! 



3. I'll leave it up to you 

WARNING! What is meant is that she knows exactly the decision to be made and you better make the right choice, her choice, or else... It's up to you  to make the right choice she knows but is not telling.


2. Whatever

Uh-oh, you are in for it now. Prepare for serious damage control. This doesn't mean whatever, this is a specific declaration of war!



1. Thank you 

This one means thank you, but make sure you acknowledge by saying you're welcome- or else! lol


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