7 Reasons Why Cats Make Better Pets Than Dogs #InternationalCatDay

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Granted most will be at odds with the headline, favouring man's best friend but... There is a reason that Cats have their own day #Internationalcatday

1. Hygiene

Cats love to stay clean and require very little maintenance. Even after a tumble in the weeds, once your feline friend returns home they will have cleaned themselves. That's one less job for the pet owner.  


2. Independence

Cats love their own company and are far from needy- in general. This doesn't mean they won't find you for a cuddle on the couch at the end of the day though, but it will be on their terms. How can you not respect that?


3. Low Maintenance 

They are light on their feet, meaning they can pop in-and-out the window at their leisure, without a lead! That's another job saved for the pet owner. Who wants to have to take their pet out for a walk two times a day, come rain, hail, or snow? 


4. Presents

Cats even bring you presents. Granted you probably have no need for a dead rat, or bird but it's the thought that counts. More importantly they keep your home free from rodents. 


5. Live Fly Catchers

Flies are gross pests. There is nothing worse than buzzing in your ear. Anybody who has a cat knows the strange clicking noise a cat makes, specifically when they notice a fly, then the launch at it and eat it! No need for fly catchers when your feline friend is on watch. 


6. Funny

Cats are hilarious. They even have multiple Youtube channels dedicated to funny cat videos. From their funny dances and weird sleeping positions they will have you laughing your head off.


7. Purring is good for you!

Scientific research suggests that cats purring can potentially reduce their owners stress. Something to do with the frequency- have a look here





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