#Wrap4Homeless in association with Peter McVerry Trust

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#Wrap4Homeless in association with Peter McVerry Trust



Meaghers Pharmacy launch #Wrap4Homeless, its Christmas charity campaign, 

Friday 18 November 2016, at a media event in the Dylan Hotel.


The campaign aims to help with the chronic problem of homelessness in our society.

·      The number of people registered as homeless in September 2016 was 6,709,

which is made up of 4,283 adults and 2,426 children.

·      The number of mortgages in arrears at the end of Quarter 2 this year was 109,134

with 2,468 properties repossessed or surrendered. 

·      Finally, the number of vacant properties in the State is 198,358. 


Unfortunately, homelessness is increasing year on year.  Between December 2014 and December 2015 there was a net increase in the number of people recorded as homeless of 1,700 people, an increase of 43%. The figures are testament to the fact that this national problem is spiraling and we need to take action to regain control.


Meaghers has teamed with Peter McVerry Trust and will tackle this issue on three fronts:


·      Donate in-store at any Meaghers Pharmacy

·      Donate at www.meaghers.ie, select ‘Gift Wrap’ to make a donation when you purchase

For every two products wrapped through our online store, one homeless person will receive a bed for a night.

·      Text WRAP to 50300 to donate €4 

Texts cost €4. Peter McVerry Trust will receive a minimum of €3.25. 

Service Provider: LIKECHARITY   Helpline: 0766 805 278 


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