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The Movie Song The Movie Song Karl Broderick, Linda Martin & Karl Daly

Do you remember The Movie Song from the Eurovision? Written by Karl Broderick and performed by Eoghan Quigg- the lad from the X-Factor? 


Well more recently Karl Daly approached the song writer to ask his  permission to perform the song. Jump two years down the line and Karl Daly isn't only singing the song but he has shot a music video and has released it as his own single! 


Karl Broderick has a string of hits to his name which span further than the music industry- he writes the popular Tivoli Theater, Cheerios Panto every year too, and wrote, Love, for Joe and Donna McCaul for the 2005 Eurovision. 




Speaking at the launch of The Movie Song release in Medley by Andrew Rudd, Karl Daly mentioned how he received a huge reaction whenever he sang The Movie Song in his parent's pub in Portugal,

"People always asked where they could buy it after I played it"


Karl Daly moved to Portugal when he was 6 years old and lives between there and Ireland.


They shot the music video in Portugal( Take a look at the top right, or below) 


It really is a catchy song, have a listen, then you can download the song on iTunes and from other online sources. 

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