Have you ever struggled with body image? This is for you...

Embrace Embrace

Don't be at war with your body, even for one day, Embrace it!


Embrace tells the story of one woman's body image struggle. After having her children she hated her body and took action to get the body she always wanted, but it didn't make her happy and she realised it wasn't worth it. Now she wants you to Embrace your body!

Unlike a traditional movie showing, this Demand Film screening requires that 60 more tickets be reserved in the next 12 days in order for the screening to occur.

Screening is going to be on 16th February 6.30pm in Naas, Co. Kildare

Unless enough tickets are reserved the screening won't go ahead.

The director needs YOUR help to make this event happen! Would you like to watch it? Or help spread the word. Tell your friends!


Click Here To Reserve Your Ticket For The Dublin Screning

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