5 Best Places For Burgers in Dublin's Suburbs

Real Gourmet Burger Terenure Real Gourmet Burger Terenure Real Gourmet Burger

There is nothing like a good burger and chips, especially after an evening on the sauce, or simply just because... It's a go-to favourite meal for many of us, with that in mind, here are some of the best burgers we found in Dublin's Suburbia.


1. Gourmet Kitchen's X Burger - Liffey Valley Clondalkin  

Rio Olympics brings out the best in sports people, so Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) is bringing out the best in burgers - The X-Burger! In Brazil a cheese burger is referred to as an X burger inspiring this latest creation by GBK.


2. Jo Burger Rathmines

There are a few of these burger bars around Dublin and they have delicious homemade juices to accompany their giant burger masterpieces. Casual diner- hipster vibe, we love it!



3. Real Gourmet Burger- Terenure


4.  Wetherspoons in Blackrock

Cheap and cheerful value for money in the leafy suburban village that is Blackrock. You can't go wrong.

5. The Charlemont bar on Charlemont street

Okay, this place is not technically in the Suburbs, but it's not the city centre either and is only a five minute walk, over the canal to the Suburb of Ranelagh. It;s definitely worth a mention as it's the perfect spot for lunch, or after work bite to eat...

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