10 places in Suburbia to enjoy a great glass of wine #Dublin

If you love a great glass of wine then you need to visit these trusted and tried places in Suburbia. There are a minefield of restaurants, bars and cafes in the city centre, that have great wine such as Bach16, Dublin Wine Rooms and countless top ten articles listing them all, but why venture far from home? There is nothing better than a glass of great wine to end a hard day's work, but why hang around the hustle and bustle of the city centre? Unwind and return to your Suburb, where you can stroll home after a delicious tipple. 

Even if you aren't one of the lucky ones who live in Howth, you can always visit here on the weekend, or sunny day along with the rest of Dublin! This quaint seaside harbour and village town really has it all. Hill and pier walks, harbour and beaches, all year round market, countless restaraunts, cafes, bars and even its own castle and golf course. Besides from all that Howth has, it has what I would describe as one of the number one place in Suburbia to get a great glass of wine. This place is so good, it features twice on this list (separate locations)... In no particular order, take note of these 10 places in Suburbia to enjoy a great glass of wine.

1. Il Panorama -Howth

'Enter a stranger, leave a friend' is a mantra known by every resident on the peninsula of Howth. This little wine bar is tiny and has a huge heart: i love it. Most importantly, it has nothing but great wine. Owned by one Australian and an Italian, Il Panorama serves the best from both countries. Both Old World and New are on offer from this place and as the name suggests, the view from here is panoramic. The wine is listed on a chalk board with options from- you guessed it- Italy and OZ. This cafe is truly authentic with great bites too. Lately, I enjoyed a glass of Nobile and it was great, but the third glass was gorgeous! 


2. French Paradox - Ballsbridge

This place is simply divine and in arguably the leafiest Suburb of the Country- fine wine in a fine location. French Paradox is a family run business and they are french! Having  decided years ago to come to Ireland, they brought all of the best of French wine with them. Let's face it, you can't really go wrong with French wine and it's a lot easier to find a great wine from the country, but with an authentic french family bringing it into the country you can rest assured you will enjoy a great glass of wine at the French Paradox. 


3. Bay restaurant- Clontarf

Another family venture, Bay restaurant in Clontarf is run by two sisters. Bay is well known and has a huge regular trade so booking is advised. This place is definitely food led and they are one of the first restaurants in the country to put all the calories on their menu, so yo know exactly what you are eating. However, the reason Bay restaurant is making this list is thanks to their Vegan friendly Sauvignon Blanc ( Les Roucas 2013, France) You have to try it- it's deliciously crisp and satisfying. 

4. Brioche- Ranelagh

Ranelagh is jam packed full of fantastic gems to eat and drink and Brioche is one of its newest arrivals. This is fine dining and they offer a fantastic pairing menu, that include some really great wines, but what took my interest is that Brioche sell orange wine, yes, you read correctly, orange! 


5. Whelehan's- Bray

This café offers a large selection of red and white wines for you to enjoy by the glass. Every bottle of wine in the store is available to be enjoyed in house for a corkage of €5 per bottle. These guys are special. They import directly from the wine producer on an exclusive basis. It would be impossible not to find more than one great glass of wine at this place.


6.The Green Man Terenure


Well, this place is relatively new to the vibrant Suburb of Terenure. The selection of wine is truly great and expertly chosen. Word on the grape vine has it that the owner worked in Fallon & Byrne in Dublin city which has an established reputation for their wine. The Green Man run a lot of great tasting events too for all those that really want to learn while tasting a great glass of vino.  I had a gorgeous glass of Bodega Matsu when I visited- yum!


7. Il Panorama- Portmarnock

GREAT glass of wine! See number 1!!

8. Restaurant 104 Drumcondra

I hear these guys do a great Rose and a tasty cheese board. I haven't tried this one myself, but one of our trusty Suburbia Online interns have highly recommended.

9. Divino restaurant- Skerries  

These guys use one of Ireland's best Italian wine suppliers, Italiacatessen meaning you can be guaranteed a great glass of wine here, but don't take my word for it. Click on their name and book a table. Take a mental note at the Italian Sauvignon in the picture above, a glass of this is sharp, dry, refreshing and crisp. 


10. PICADEROS- Maynooth

Don David Malbec Mendoza- say no more, go there, buy it, love it. This is such a beautiful glass of wine - simply gorgeous. If you can't wait until your visit to PICADEROS, then pop into the Corkscrew just of Grafton Street as they sell the lovely bottle too. However, It's always nicer to go out and enjoy lovely food with a great glass of wine.

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