The Coburg Restaurant- A Five Star Experience From The Conrad Hotel

Risotto at The Coburg Dublin 2 Risotto at The Coburg Dublin 2 Suburbia Online Stock

The Newly renovated COBURG restaurant at Dublin's Iconic Conrad hotel is a truly five star experience.


Formally Alex- a decent hotel restaurant, The COBURG is in a completely different league, closer to that of a Michelin star in comparison to its predecessor. From the elegant flooring, nautical theme infused with minimalist decor to a champagne bar; a modern, hidden, serving bar that steps away from the traditional while maintaining the warmth, sophistication and standard expected from a five star venue, the Coburg has captured something that no amount of money can buy: atmosphere.  

Champagne Bar at The Coburg


I sat by the window at a table for two. There are quaint, little booths and round tables throughout. The chairs are very comfortable and there is plenty of space. The furnishings are solid, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. The quality is in the detail, what look like marble-top tables are surrounded with leather piping. The traditional bar as present in most restaurants has been abandoned. Instead there is a partitioned serving area that fits seamlessly into the open floor plan. This coupled by the modern decor is very Feng Shui.


Sitting and service area at the Coburg Dublin 2


As you would expect from every five star hotel, the staff are helpful and pleasant, every member greets and smiles as they pass. Making this experience that little bit better, here the staff, who all seemed to go above and beyond the call of duty with their time , menu knowledge and recommendations. Better again, the waiter tending to me loved her job which really personified the already impeccable service. 


"I'm so proud to be a part of it. I love coming to work in The Coburg and just walking around in the restaurant, It's just such a nice atmosphere" commented Manini. 


I started with a coffee, they got it right, it's good. Then I chose my water, that's right there is a choice and I went for Irish, 'Fior Uisce'. After a long chat with Manini, I tried the Australian Chardonnay first, 'Hen & Chicken" . A lovely wine with pronounced melon, subtle stony minerality, pineapple, lemon and almonds all in a creamy fullness.

Hen & Chicken Chardonnay at The Coburg 

For a starter I had the duck egg dish. This is simply divine. The perfect balance of sweet, savoury and sauce, served in a perfect sized portion, leaving you feeling just right and ready for the main. 

Duck Egg Dish at The Coburg Dublin 2


I decided on the Risotto. Nice and thick, just how I like it; nothing worse than a Risotto soup! The flavours gifted in a melting-merge on the tongue, Parmesan, Mushroom, creamy goodness. Satisfaction achieved!

I ordered a second glass of vino. This time I went for the Muscadet. Different in style, but most importantly, it hit the spot. Zesty, this wine began with Grapefruit on the nose, then a touch of melon, apple on the palette which reminded me of those apple drop sweets with that zingy hit after every suck.

I decided to skip dessert on this occasion but I did notice the delicious selection they have on offer. Besides, I already know for sure I will come again to the Coburg.   



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