New Waterfront Restaurant in Dublin With A Brunch Menu to Die For!

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Charlotte Quay was news to me and I don't only walk by every day, but I sit in a cafe facing the quay in the more popular side of Grand Canal- for now...

 The fact that there was a bar there for years prior to the new Charlotte Quay came as a surprise to me too, when a friend who lived in the apartments above told me when I noticed some activity for the first time from across the water. 

I decided to drop in last Saturday, on its first weekend of trading.  For those who are vaguely familiar with Grand Canal, it's where the Marker Hotel and more notably the Bord Gais Energy Theatre is situated and there is no shortage of restaurants and bars, that fill up very quickly pre-theatre. It's a very lively area during the day for lunch with the feed of worker bees from Facebook, William Fry and other whopper corporations in the area which carries on into the evening , it's a very busy area. 

What struck me first about the restaurant is that there is just a sliver of shimmering water and a five minute stroll to the theatre and you have full view of the hustle and bustle and everything that's going on from the comfort and serenity of this little oasis that is Charlotte Quay. 

Floor to ceiling glass walls, an extensive outside, waterfront seating area (fully enclosed) modern, yet comforting decor, no sterile steal and cold ridges here, and noticeable space. I really noticed the comfort here, once seated, I was delighted to have more than enough table space and more than enough room to get in-and-out from my seat. I hadn't read through the menu in full and already the restaurant was filling up. In fact, the friendly hostess was turning people away, or suggesting they wait at the bar until a table became available. I was excited. 

Okay, down to the important stuff, is it all marketing and superfluous, distracting trimmings? No! The food is to die for! Die! Delicious. One of the most satisfying Brunch menus I have read. We can all credit originality and creativity in a menu, but when you are hung-over, or just downright starving on a Saturday afternoon you want a choice of old favourites and simplicities such as eggs. The menu had all the basics, presented in Charlotte Quay's own special way. 

I went for the eggs to start, "Poached eggs €11 Roast squash, spiced squash puree, za’atar, poached egg" then a side of chips (Little potato dumpling style fries) The portion size is ideal. The taste was precisely perfect to kick start the taste buds for the day, hitting all the satisfying spots on the tongue. Who would have guessed pouched eggs could be so exciting- mouthwatering good. The chips were lovely too and came with a tasty little dip.  I ended with the Doughnuts , this portion in my opinion is big enough to share, but I did eat them all- no judging please... The coffee is worth a mention too and the staff were fantastic and showed genuine interest in the customers.

I'm already eager to try the dinner menu before heading to a show in the Bord Gais. 

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